Tramontana, the cold northern wind in the Mediterranean,

(From Latin, ‘beyond the mountains’.)

has the power to transform islands such as Minorca into undesirable places.

When the last tourist leaves at the end of August, and English is not the language anymore, and the pools close, and the smell of sunscreen fades away, the Tramontana kicks in.

At first, the aim was to find grey skies, sad faces, misery and SOS signs which would portray the loneliness and devastation an island forgotten nine months a year is bound to have.

However, there was nothing like this to be found in Minorca.

The islanders were happy to be there, life did not come to a halt after the summer.

This wind, la Tramontana, which may come across as the enemy, transforming the island into a hostile place, actually protects it.

It acts as a shield, enabling the locals to have their months of serenity and solitude, a feeling which society tends to dismiss.

And so parting from a false thesis I understood what I was really looking at:

Tramontana is an exploration of sought loneliness.

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